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Welcome to the world of Dragons

MiDragon is the interactive game where you can hatch your own dragon egg, nurture your baby dragon and teach it how to behave like dragon.
Choose from no less than five different dragon types, each with unique personalities and character traits and interact with them in their own habitats. Play with them, feed them, give them gifts and treats and even make their nests unique by putting decorations around. You can teach them new tricks and play mini-games.
The whole game is wrapped in a stunning 3D engine with visual effects you've never seen on iPhone before.

The game is optimized to run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3th generation or later) and iPad devices.


"MiDragon is THE Dragon game with an outstanding graphic design."

"Cutest things I've ever seen on my iPhone"

"This game is amazing, I've always wanted to own a dragon, and now I have it in my pocket"

"All the five dragons look fantastic and unique. You should have them all."

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